Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha apprised the Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways that the Railway density in the State at 15 km is significantly lower than the national Railway density of 19 km. He emphasized that Odisha contributes over Rs.14,000 crore annually to the revenue of Railways which accounts for about one-tenth of the total Railway revenue. Despite such significant contribution by the State, the investment made by Indian Railways in Odisha remains grossly inadequate. He urged upon the Union Minister to improve the Railway Route coverage in Odisha, which is justified both by equity considerations and return on investment, and allocate Rs.3160 crore in the Railway Budget for 2014-15.

Chief Minister informed the Union Minister that there are many Railway projects, including those sanctioned way back in 1994-95 to 1997-98, which have remained incomplete even till date. He stated that Khurda-Bolangir Rail Project sanctioned in 1994-95, Haridaspur-Paradeep SV Project sanctioned in 1995-96, Angul-Duburi-Sukinda SPV Project sanctioned in 1997-98, Talcher-Bimlagarh sanctioned in 2004-05 and Jaleswar-Digha sanctioned in 2010-11 need to be completed on priority by allocating sufficient funds.
Hon’ble Chief Minister mentioned that some of the existing Railway lines in the State have become saturated and there is an urgent need to doube these lines. He stated that Railways should accord priority to doubling of highly saturated lines including Talcher-Sambalpur, Sambalpur-Titlagarh-Raipur, Cuttack-Barang-Rajathgarh and Jakhapura-Keonjhar-Bansapani, for enabling efficient passenger/ freight movement in the State. Hon’ble Chief Minister also mentioned that two important projects announced by the Indian Railways including a Wagon Factory in Ganjam and a Wagon Maintenance Workshop in Kalahandi should be expedited.
Union Minister was further informed about the Nabakalebar 2015, a ritual followed for centuries at the Jagannath Temple, when the Deities leave their old forms and assume new ones. Chief Minister observed that over five million pilgrims/ tourists are expected to congregate at Puri town during a three month period. He requested the Union Minister to double Khurda-Puri line, complete Khurda Junction Bypass line and modernise Bhubaneswar Railway Station, on a war footing basis, to enable the State to address the situation during Nabakalebar 2015.
Hon’ble Union Railway Minister appreciated the concerns raised by Hon’ble Chief and assured that notwithstanding the resource crunch faced by the Indian Railways at present, every possible effort will be made to complete the sanctioned lines and to double the saturated lines. The Union Minister also assured that the required works necessary to respond to Nabakalebar 2015 will be completed in time. He, however, mentioned that completion of a few works is delayed on account of problems other than the finance including forest clearance and land acquisition. Hon’ble Chief Minister assured the Hon’ble Union Minister that the State will provide all possible support to enable Indian Railways to complete the ongoing projects and to undertake new projects.

Hon`ble Vice President of India, Dr. M. Hamid Ansari and Hon`ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik at the Birth Centenary celebration of Legendary Leader Biju Patnaik at New Delhi
Published on 20th Sun November 2016
An MoU being signed between School & Mass Education Department and Kusuma Foundation in presence of Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik at Secretariat
Published on 22nd Mon May 2017
Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik at the celebration of 101st birth anniversary of Biju Patnaik at Adivasi Exhibition Ground Unit-I ,Bhubaneswar
Published on 05th Sun March 2017
Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik at the World Forest Day at Jaydev Bhawan
Published on 21st Tue March 2017
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