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The cycle of history seems to turn a full circle. It might be said that Ayurveda led to the discovery of America, since Columbus' mission was to find new access to the spices of India - those fabled spices which could preserve foods, provide aromatics and cosmetics, and produce medicines, writes Naveen Patnaik in The Garden of Life, making an original and appealing claim for Ayurveda.

Henna. Hindi name: Mehndi. A popular cosmetic, medically considered an anti-irritant and an antiseptic.Never before has there been more interest in Indian medicine in the West since plants designated by Ayurveda have recently been introduced into AIDS research. The publication of this book is certainly timely.

The book, of small and compact format, seems like many others from the outside, perhaps even resembling a book on miniature painting or royal cooking. But the herbacious end-papers begin to give it away.


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