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Satyanarayan Pradhan | MLA Profile

Reservation Type:- Schedule Tribe
Tenth Assembly (03/03/1990-15/03/1995)

DATE OF BIRTH:15/03/2022
PARENT:Late Sadasiva Pradhan
SPOUSE'S NAME:Smt. Khira Pradhan
HOBBY: Social Work service to poor people.
SPECIAL INTEREST:Reading newspapers books and journals.
SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:To help the poor and to organise various farmers` organisations in solving their problems.
Vill-Teterkela PO-Bagdaga P.S.- Bisra Dist.Sundargarh

Elected Block Chairman from 1971-1987. President Co-operative Society from 1987 till now. President of High Schools and M.E. Schools. Director Rourkela Co-operative Marketing Society Rourkela.

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Satyanarayan Pradhan History

1. Janata Dal Janata Dal 10(th)BIRAMITRAPUR


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Term No: 15 Election
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Term No: 14 Election
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Term No: 12 Election
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Term No: 11 Election
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Jharkhand Mukti Morcha
Satyanarayan Pradhan
Term No: 10 Election
Janata Dal Janata Dal
Remis Kerketta
Term No: 9 Election
Indian National Congress Indian National Congress
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Term No: 8 Election
Indian National Congress(I) Indian National Congress(I)
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Term No: 7 Election
Janata Janata
Christodas Lagun
Term No: 6 Election
Jharkhand Jharkhand